Friday, 1 February 2013


Hi All! So how is 2013 shaping up so far for you all?

Well mine went something like this!

Last year I joined a great Etsy Team, Knit1Treble2... I know great name right! Lots of very talented peeps from the Great Britain, who either knit of crochet supporting each other and what they, we make.

Like with my blogging, I have been a bit rubbish with the old treasuries . but I have been kindly added to lots of beautiful treasuries, the most recent of which is this one... from the lovely Bebby who makes adorable hand knitted jumpers for Kiddies!

Isn't this just an adorable collection of flowers!!
Flowers in the Rain - Etsy Treasury curator : bebbyjumpers

I also got added to these treasuries by these lovely Knit1Treble2 team members!

KittyBallistic - Curator of : A Pinkish sort of Red
RoseCottageCraftsUK - Curator of : 1,2,3,4 ...
CwtchBugs - Curator of : Hearts and Flowers for Spring
BabanCat - Curator of : Monochrome
Megshomeknitting - Curator of : Webs of the World
thefibretree - Curator of : Softly...
JensCrochetandCrafts - Curator of : All You Need is Love
crochetbypamela - Curator of : A crochet wedding

And a couple of other Treasuries I was lucky enough to be in are...

from the adorable Yvonne from MyHauntedAttic - Curator of : Above The Clouds
and the super Laura from paradisereal - Pick your Perfect Purse!
veganessa - Curator of : One Day I'll Fly Away

Thank you all for your Treasuries! :)

Earlier this month, I was also asked to be a Team Leader for Yvonnes new Team : Heart of Wales So although I am not technically from Wales, my Mum, Dad & Granddad live there, and home is where the Heart is right? :)

I been busy on Instagram lately.. are you come find me on there.. Elli aka HEARTSTITCHING shared one of my doilies on the lovely blog.. go check her out! :)

So I turned another year older!.. yuck.. but such is life eh.. but I did get some lovely pressies.. As well as some snow!! I can't remember it ever snowing on my Birthday.. but it did...

This was the view from our front door,.. we went to Wales to visit the family, and they hardly had any.. must have been the only bit of Wales that didn't get 10 foot! )

This is me and the Mr. wearing our wooly warmers.. that I made :)

New lens from the Mr.

A great new mug for work! ;)

and these addddorable pom pom makers from the family...

I was very lucky and got spoilt rotten.. :)

Hey!!! I have reached OVER 1,000 - yes that is ONE THOUSAND subscribers on YouTube!!!

I can't actually believe it!!!!.. Think I will have to do a YT give away very VERY soon!!!

So if you haven't already why not subscribe to my channel.. hopefully I will be able to scape a few pennies together and get a nice little giveaway prize! :)

Not much else has happened.. too much rain/snow and general weather.. so looking forward to spring and think I will start to make a few hearts for that looming V-Day... ! 

One parting gesture... 

A picture tells a thousand words... as they say... ;)

Saturday, 29 December 2012

December ... Christmas of course!

So as you can see.. I am a little bit, in fact down right awful at keeping up to date with blogging!

So I thought I would try a new line of attack.. A monthly update??

So here is Decembers offerings..

I love December, not just because of Christmas, I just love the festive seasonal spirit it gets everyone in... yes.. going around the supermarkets it's not too easy to find the festive spirit, but I know it's there and it certainly makes a dark and dank month seem to go much quicker!

I didn't really get very creative for Christmas in the crochet department, but I did do a little fun video on making my Christmas Tree (pattern can be found in my Etsy shop)

Hope you like it.
I do need to make more videos, any requests??

Another exciting bit of news, the lovely people at Simply Knitting Magazine who made a few special editions of Simply Crochet Magazine earlier this year that they kindly featured me in has gone global and MONTHLY! YES!!!! 

This is going to be the first edition, and from what I've already seen of their publications last year this periodical is going to be jam packed with beautiful crochet goodness.. but then is made by the makers of the adorble Mollie Makes!... and HERE is a link to their subscriptions page! First edition is out on 6th January 2013.

The darling Mr. Girlybunches was kind enough to point out to me that I had rather a lot of 'left over yarn'... which I am sure you will all agree would be a MORTAL sin to dispose I decided to try and use it up in an inventive way!.. Several cups of tea later I decided that I would make pot scrubs out of it. The yarn in question is an acrylic yarn, and so impervious to bleach, tough as nails, and wash up a right treat... so... this is what I came up with...


Mr. Girlybunches thinks I have lost it.. but had to admit they work rather well!... 

What else have I been getting up to.... oh yes!... I remember.

Mummy Girlybunches AKA Sweethearts and Roses has been making for a long time embroidered cottages... and some of my lovely Instagram ladies have been as of late showing their adorable little fabric houses.. I thank all of the above for the idea to make my own!... over the Christmas holidays while at the ranch, I made two.  Admittedly I've never done embroidery, but Mummy Girlybunches was all to happy to show me the ropes, as she did with knitting and crochet! 

I think I will work on another cottage using elements of the first two. 
The second one is now in my Etsy shop.

I hope Father Christmas was a good to you all as he was to me.. I got some amazing goodies...and here are a couple of the crafty highlights...

I love books.. and crochet books are always a winner with me.. and Yoga for your Brain looks stunning!

HOW adorable are these vintage Yarn Holders!!! swoon! I love them.. and are going to be so handy!

Well lovelies.. this is the end of my December round up.  Only a couple of days left of the year, and I am glad that the world didn't come to an end, how boring would that have been...!

Till the end of Jan, where I will be another YEAR older (sigh),.. I wish you all a very Happy New Year!... Happy Hooking! xxx

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Simply Crochet Magazine - Winter Edition!

Wellllllll..... I can barely describe how painful it has been to contain my excitement.... but Girlybunches has only gone and been featured in Simply Crochet magazine again!!!
I was so lucky earlier this year (June) to be in their Summer Edition when they featured my Granny Lampshade....
But I don't mind admitting to you guys that I was every so slightly overwhelmed when I was contacted a few weeks ago to say that I they would be interested in featuring my crochet tree pattern but then they have gone and not only featured my tree pattern, but also my finished jewellery items!! *faints*!
And then to top it off they wrote a really really lovely review of my website!!
I truly am speechless (yippeee my Husband shouts!)... but I truly am a very lucky lucky Girlybunches to be in that magazine with so many other wonderful crocheters who I admire and inspire me also.
sooo... go go go.. grab yourself a copy... and check out all of the crochet goodness in the Winter edition of Simply Crochet magazine.
Here are a few snap shots of my bits and bobs in there....

Right... before I get a really bad case of head swell... I just would like to thank Simply Crochet Magazine for including my little crochet bits and bobs, and to all you lovely peeps out there for your support and kind words that keep me going.  You're all very kind :)

Have a super day! 


Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Trying out a new blog app...

To see if I can be more pro-active in my blogging...

And to prove I'm not at home... :)

Friday, 22 June 2012

How long should ones knickers be?

Been a funny week.... as Arkwright liked to say.. or did he say 'It's been a funny day?' either way it has been a funny week. Had a lovely weekend with my Folks last weekend as the ol'man was working.  And amongst other things I crocheted and made chutney with Mummy Girlybunches.   More on that in my next blog.. but just had to share this lovely book that Mum found for me... she purchased it from the lovely Yvonne from her Etsy store My Haunted Attic

This book is stupendous!.. Crammed with sage advice and according to Mummy Girlybunches was the book or a book almost identical that Mum used to help her with her school studies!

I adore there useful advice offered when one is measuring for ones knicker length!  (note how adorably long ones knicker length should be!)

I just love this book.. ♥

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Girlybunches Hearts Simply Crochet

Today... as some of you who follow my Facebook / twitter ramblings will know is the day that I spilling the beans on some exciting news for Girlybunches!
In April I was contacted by a lovely lady who works for Simply Knitting magazine.. Simply Knitting you say.. ? That's a knitting magazine you say, well yes you would be right but they are doing one off crochet special!!!!

As part of the one off special they are doing a Granny Square special...

They asked me... Girlybunches (EK)  if I would mind them using my Granny Lampshade as part of their Granny Square special!!...?? Do I mind?  Heck No!! :D  Girlybunches's Lampshade is rocking the charts at number 11!!! Get'in!!!

So today peeps.. Girlybunches is a published Crochet-er... WAHoo... (can I get a Heck Yeah) I'm rather chuffed to say the least, rest assured I will be raiding the shelves of every newsagents until I find me a copy!!! So happy to be included in such a magazine with lots of other lovely talented works.   I am not sure if you can get this on the iPad / other great tablets.. but I think most newsagents will be stocking it.. so buy buy buy guys and gals.. who knows if it's popular then they might do more than a one off special.. I for one would like to see another crochet magazine to choose from.

Thanks peeps for reading my blog and sharing my happy day!... To help share the happiness, I will be giving a 10% discount to all orders from my on line shop the rest of the day.

Using the following discount code : simplycrochetmag10

(discount doesn't include postage costs, discount ends at midnight 14th June 2012)


Wednesday, 13 June 2012

What has Girlybunches been up to...?

How long has it been?  Nearly a year!!! Disgraceful!!! Sorry peeps...  However, I hope you will agree it's an interesting blog to come back with and of course you will see that I've been busy!!!

Firstly, Since my last blog I have now created my own Website! .. Check it out!! It took a while to create and I am always tweaking it.. as is the way, but I think it's not to shabby!

I have also been working hard on my Youtube Channel! ttp:// I started making little crochet videos, some for fun, but mainly tutorials in basic crochet in August last year and I am amazed and so thrilled to have over 380 subscribers already!  One of my videos has has over 110,000 views!!! *Happy Dancing*

So as you can see I have been busy.  I have also been attending regularly the lovely fayres organised by the lovely Yvonne in Bury Port South Wales.  All the fayres are to raise money for charity and great fun.  Check out Yvonne's blog for details of the next fayres.. There is always a wonderful selection of handmade and vintage items for sale.. to name a couple... Wonderland Boutique & Athenas Vintage... Also, with the Parental Units, Sweethearts and RosesMeadowcraft Work Shop.

Also.. I've given the ol'blog a bit of a face lift.. thought the spots were more my style... 'Dotty' my husband would call it.. read into that what you will! ;) (at least he didn't say spotty!)

Not sure if you've every noticed, but I do like a cup of tea or two.. and have had to suffer a NAKED teapot for many years now!  I know its a shocker! Well... I've been wondering about making a tea cosy for a while, and after a few false starts I finally cracked it... the tea cosy that is... I would have cried a lot if I cracked my beloved teapot!  Have a look at what I came up with. 

This is the first one I made, and so this is all MINE! mwahahah!

Then I made this pink one,... 
and the blue and yellow one.

And of course.. I had to make a patriotic one for the Jubilee, which is now living in Denver USA! :)

The Mothership has already requested a tea cosy.. so will be obliging, and have already posted one to Denver, Colorado. After making a sale on Etsy!... Very pleased with that, as I was beginning to think that my Etsy sales would never pick up. So very excited about that. 

Another thing I have been dabbling with is writing out my own patterns for sale.  This isn't as easy as it sounds as most of the time I just make things.. and in my head it makes perfect sense!! However, I have been asked by a few people for patterns for things and I thought why not give it a go.

Only have two patterns for sale at the moment, and one of the patterns is a back up to a tutorial I have on Youtube.   But I will definitely be writing more.

In my year off from Blogging I experimented with a few different things, and one of them is this a crochet lampshade.  I loved making this, it reminds me so much of urban knitting, or graffiti knitting as it it known.. here is my version...

Well that is all.. for now.. I have some more EXCITING news to follow (tomorrow Thursday 14th June)...

Toodles! xx

(If you're still reading my blog.. you're very lovely.. I've neglected you for too long.. sorry darlings)