Friday, 1 February 2013


Hi All! So how is 2013 shaping up so far for you all?

Well mine went something like this!

Last year I joined a great Etsy Team, Knit1Treble2... I know great name right! Lots of very talented peeps from the Great Britain, who either knit of crochet supporting each other and what they, we make.

Like with my blogging, I have been a bit rubbish with the old treasuries . but I have been kindly added to lots of beautiful treasuries, the most recent of which is this one... from the lovely Bebby who makes adorable hand knitted jumpers for Kiddies!

Isn't this just an adorable collection of flowers!!
Flowers in the Rain - Etsy Treasury curator : bebbyjumpers

I also got added to these treasuries by these lovely Knit1Treble2 team members!

KittyBallistic - Curator of : A Pinkish sort of Red
RoseCottageCraftsUK - Curator of : 1,2,3,4 ...
CwtchBugs - Curator of : Hearts and Flowers for Spring
BabanCat - Curator of : Monochrome
Megshomeknitting - Curator of : Webs of the World
thefibretree - Curator of : Softly...
JensCrochetandCrafts - Curator of : All You Need is Love
crochetbypamela - Curator of : A crochet wedding

And a couple of other Treasuries I was lucky enough to be in are...

from the adorable Yvonne from MyHauntedAttic - Curator of : Above The Clouds
and the super Laura from paradisereal - Pick your Perfect Purse!
veganessa - Curator of : One Day I'll Fly Away

Thank you all for your Treasuries! :)

Earlier this month, I was also asked to be a Team Leader for Yvonnes new Team : Heart of Wales So although I am not technically from Wales, my Mum, Dad & Granddad live there, and home is where the Heart is right? :)

I been busy on Instagram lately.. are you come find me on there.. Elli aka HEARTSTITCHING shared one of my doilies on the lovely blog.. go check her out! :)

So I turned another year older!.. yuck.. but such is life eh.. but I did get some lovely pressies.. As well as some snow!! I can't remember it ever snowing on my Birthday.. but it did...

This was the view from our front door,.. we went to Wales to visit the family, and they hardly had any.. must have been the only bit of Wales that didn't get 10 foot! )

This is me and the Mr. wearing our wooly warmers.. that I made :)

New lens from the Mr.

A great new mug for work! ;)

and these addddorable pom pom makers from the family...

I was very lucky and got spoilt rotten.. :)

Hey!!! I have reached OVER 1,000 - yes that is ONE THOUSAND subscribers on YouTube!!!

I can't actually believe it!!!!.. Think I will have to do a YT give away very VERY soon!!!

So if you haven't already why not subscribe to my channel.. hopefully I will be able to scape a few pennies together and get a nice little giveaway prize! :)

Not much else has happened.. too much rain/snow and general weather.. so looking forward to spring and think I will start to make a few hearts for that looming V-Day... ! 

One parting gesture... 

A picture tells a thousand words... as they say... ;)


  1. Eeeh thank you for the link to my little blog <3 seems you have been most busy! I must get more involved on Etsy - must learn how to drive it better I think! :p glad you had a good birthday too - and I'm looking forward to seeing those valentines makes! :D

    1. You're very welcome lovely! I need to dig out last years Valentine's makes! ekk!! :)

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  3. Hi Olivia! Thanks for sharing this super tribute to our team! (Some of those lovely treasuries are not from the team!) It is great to see your piccy and I am sure we will continue to feature your gorgeous items in our treasury promotions!

    1. Hi Bebby.. yeah I noticed that after I posted.. I have amended it couple of times.. so should be sorted now.. I hopee.. :S there were a few.. at least everyone got a mention! :) I promise to do more treasuries.. I got the candle burning brightly at both ends!!! LOL! x

  4. Great post. Thanks for including all of us.
    I love that mug. Seriously thinking of getting one :)

  5. Your blog is beautiful Olivia.

    I am honouring you and your wonderful blog with the 'Versatile Blogger Award'.
    You can read more here -

    Y x

  6. Hi Olivia, I'm stopping by to say hello and to say thanks for the great tutorials you post on you tube. I just made a post on my blog about the yarn winder you shown on you tube. I love all your great tutorials you posted on yt, and would like to make a request if I may. I saw here on your blog some lovely tea cosy you made,so... when you can do a tutorial please. Thanks again and if you would like to have a look at my blog at this link feel free
    Warmly,Edina xx

  7. Very interesting blog. A lot of blogs I see these days don't really provide anything that attract others, but I'm most definitely interested in this one. Just thought that I would post and let you know.