Sunday, 27 February 2011

Two Crafty Ladies

Have just spent a lovely few days at the Homestead with Mum, just doing our own thang.

After a stupidly stupid week involving cars that don't work well not enough for me to get back from the garage and get to work! (to most that would be a blessing, but to me was STRESS to the max)

Height of frustration, my evil internal twin sister who is a control freak couldn't cope with having to leave other people to do things for her (ok me)... needless to say I am eternally grateful to my friendly garage Church Avenue Garage Ltd (the garage were able to take my car in so quickly... however couldn't get the car back till Thursday afternoon...  I already had Friday booked off work, so luckily my boss was very understanding about the fact that I hadn't been at work for two days... and told me to enjoy my weekend....

I don't need to be told twice to do that... so off I off I trotted to Wales to visit the Mother-ship and Granddad!

Mum and I had managed to get rid of the Husbands for the weekend... Dad is off doing his Fly Fishing Days Out - Fish the Fly ... and my Husband spent the weekend on the Raindance Lo-To-No Budget Filmmaking Course.... Since appearing in this (as the bully) Martin wants to make his own films, Martin's Showreel

It was my Granddad's birthday in the week, and any self respecting 88 year old Granddad needs to have some fab cupcakes... so I got my work friends wife to make some fabulous Cowboy themed cupcakes for my Granddad,  and as you can see from the photos Elaine's Cupcake Kitchen did me proud!

As for Mum and I amongst pots of tea these are some of the things that we made this weekend!!!


Time to get back to London!

Monday, 21 February 2011

Happy New Year!!! & Stylish Blogger Awards

Ok, ok, yes your right I'm serisouly late to the Happy New Year party, but hey I'm fashionably late...aren't I?

Granted I've been tardy in blogging this year, however, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

I've been given a very very good reason to put right my henious blogging crimes and annouce that I have been lucky enough to been nominated by the lovely Philippa from Court and Spark for a Stylish Blogger Award!! My latest purchase from Court and Spark was this lovely Hanging Heart... and I love it!

How it works is....

Stylish Blogger Award Rules!
The rules of the nomination are:

1. Thank the person and include the link for the nomination.

2. Share seven things about yourself.

3. Nominate 15 blogs for the award.

4. Let everyone know they have been nominated...

So Seven Things about me!

  1. I find it very difficult to talk about me but love to talk to others about them!
  2. I don't like corriander.
  3. I LOVE TEA!
  4. I would like to read a book, but don't have the time and keep thinking about other things I should be doing.
  5. I used to hate crochet! (I know!)
  6. I want a small holding, a couple of donkies, goats, cats, a dog, a hampster, chickens and polly tunnel. Not sure the husband does... yet
  7. If I can't have a small holding, I want my own shop!

and my nominations are..... drum roll please!

Happy Nominating! & Browsing