Thursday, 9 December 2010

Folksy Friday - Pink & Orange

Having spent the last few weeks under the dark cloud of Winter in Autumn, yes we are still officially in Autumn! It has been rather nice these past couple of days to enjoy seeing that big shiny, yellow, ball of fire in the sky!

The day job office (yawn) has one redeeming feature as it offers several large windows installed purely for my distraction I am sure... which allow me to steal a few moments of the outside world and let my mind wonder... and it doesn't take much to distract me that is a sure bet!

So, back to my train of original thought I wanted to do a Folksy Friday based on two colours that on their own don't hold much power over me, but when put together I adore them! PINK & ORANGE! Anyone familiar with the content of my Folksy Shop ~ Girlybunches (yes shameless link) then you would know that this colour combo is featured more often then I thought!.... The sun that is so wonderfully low this time of year, has been casting the most stunning sunsets as of late and the past two evenings I have viewed beautiful blends of pink and orange.

So onto the good stuff, below is a selection of beautiful pink and orange items that have as ever been beautifully crafted by the good people of Folksy. As always I hope you like them and take time to check out these sellers shops!!

Pink and Orange

Brooch Decorated With Bright Felt and Beaded Flowers - Sweethearts and Roses

Hand-knitted Shabby Chic Cupcake - Cupcakejojo Designs

Handmade Make-Up Bag - Large - PUKKA PINNIES by Foxy-S Designs

Heart Keepsakes - Rachael Taylor Designs

Japanese Cushion Cover - Loved by You


Sunrise Felted Bracelet - Fyber Knitics

Two-tone pink and orange leather iPod cover - cosy

Friday, 12 November 2010

Folksy Friday - A Nod to The Crafty!

Hello... sorry it's been too long since I last blogged... I got rather caught up on the wave of October Folk Fest!!! I committed myself to listing an item every day of October on Folksy!!

I know crazy!! I have to confess I fell at that last hurdle... and didn't list on the last two days! *hangs head in shame!*... In my defence I was preparing to go to a craft fair on those days... so I will let myself off!!  Gold stars to all of you hardcore listers who and now also listing every day as part of the November Sparks Club!

Ok.... so my Folksy Friday this week will highlight lovely lovely Folksy folk who very kind enough to take time to 'like' my shop!

I feel very honoured that these folks like what I make as I adore the things that they make!!

So here is my Nod to the Crafty!


Hope you like them as much as I do! x

Friday, 8 October 2010

Folksy Friday - Somewhere Over the Rainbow

It's Friday again!! Not only does this mean the weekend is upon us... but also I get a massive excuse to peruse all the lovely items on Folksy currently for sale!

This week has been long, boring and uneventful... but look outside the weather is glorious!! the SUN is out and shining beautifully making everything look lovely and colourful.  The leaves are just starting to turn... and with all these bright colours in mind I have chosen Rainbows as my theme....

I've been taking part in October Folk Fest on Folksy which is adding at least one item a day.... for every day of October.  I've managed it so far so will be doing my very best to keep up with all the other dedicated talented Folksy Sellers!

Here is a link to my items listed so far this month...  Girlybunches - Octoberfolkfest.

If you want to find more lovely Octoberfolkfest sellers... and your on twitter just search #octoberfolkfest.

Don't forget to stop by my Girlybunches Facebook Page.  I'm going to do a giveaway of one my doilies when I get to 350 likers!

OK, onto the good stuff!

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

This is stunning Rainbow of Glass made by Abundant Glass

Lovely bright papier mache bowl Rainbow star bowl was created by Amelia Green Heart

This is just so cute, Felt Rainbow Keyring beautifully crafted by Titchables

A beautiful arrangement of material to create this Lover, you fill my Hear with Rainbows made by Vintage Patch Worker

Very eye catching, I WISH Handmade Funky
Fused Glass Framed Art made by Handmade Heaven Funky Fused Glass

And finally...
This is a beautiful intense Rainbow Shawlette knitted by Mrs Bee

Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, 1 October 2010

My First Folks Friday - Sail Away!

Getting in to the swing of things I think and I have decided to have a go at creating my own Folksy Friday!

I believe it has rained ALL day today, and with that in mind, and the rain beating against the window as I type I decided that my Folksy Friday theme should be water related...

I have chosen Sailing Boats... might need one if it doesn't stop raining soon, so is my selection of beautifuly hand crafted items form Folksy all with boats / sailing boats.

This cute Fabric Sailing Boat was made by Mia Design

These adorable Sailing Boat Fridge Magnet are made by The Mosaic Garden

This is just so beautiful Boats at Godrevy was created by noelle

I love these Stained Glass, String of Boats Mobile and they were made by Amy Orange Juice

Drift away in this Beautiful Blue Driftwood Boat made by Kirsty Elson Designs
And finally -
Adorn your wall with this sweet Boat Hanging Plaque crafted by Lazy Daisy

I hope you agree that if we need a boat from all this rain that these boats would come and sail us away to our dreams!

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Meadows-Evans Photography

I haven't had a chance to take photographs for too long now and starting to really miss it... I need to pull my finger out and make time!! I had wanted to get clicking away when I was on holiday but the holiday didn't work out too well, and we ended up going for a relaxing week away with family. is a great website for artists and photographers who want to sell there work.  They basically print and despatch your art work, and you get to decide upon the mark up that you want to take on their prices.  Very clever stuff, I've tried selling my photography myself, but I just couldn't make it cost affective for the amout I could sell.  So this is the perfect way for me to try and sell my photography work.

If you fancy having a look at some of my work for sale click here...  and below are some examples of my work.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Every Good Deed….

Just a quick blog about some rather useful little bead boxes I have just purchased!

My Mum has had the same boxes for some time now, but seeing as I didn’t use beads that often I hadn't taken the plunge. However, as of recently I have been using beads more often and I truly had not realised how unruly a bead could be!

At any opportunity they like to make a bid for freedom, and it's amazing how far one bead can get on its own, with no help from me they launch themselves across the living room!

Not ideal when one is trying to sew them onto something one has just created!

So I decided to scan EBay and see if I could find the same natty boxes that my Mum uses.

I had to sift through a great deal, but seek and ye shall find, and I found em! (click here to see them on ebay)

I ordered a couple of boxes and sadly the naughty postie lost them!! HOW DARE THEY! However I contacted the seller and they, without quibble, question or delay resent me another set, and they arrived the very next day! A rare seller worth their weight!

So if you want some I highly recommend JEWELLERYTOOLS on ebay!

And for my beads…? Well they are safely tucked up in their new little home! So pleasing….ahhh.


Sunday, 19 September 2010

You like em... I make em!

Nothing pleases me more than to look at my basket of yarns! I can spend ages (and often do) just wondering what I can make next.  It's tricky sometimes as I know what I want to make, but I worry (yes I actually worry) about which colours to use next!

I have to make sure that I use wide range of colours as I want to make sure I can cover as many possible tastes.  I like to use colours that I don't naturally lean towards as usually find they are the items that get the most attention! Funny isn't.... just because I like it doesn't mean that anyone else is going to like it!

I often tell my Husband that I have colour block, which usually results in him patting me on the shoulder and says oh dear, would you like a cup of tea?  Which is always a nice response, but no matter how much I love a cup of tea it doesn't help me un-block my colour block....

So.... when I get lovely lovely emails from people asking me to make flowers in colour combinations that they need I am deeply happy, as 1) it instantly means my mind is un-blocked and can think of every colour combination I would like to make and 2) means I can then crochet safe in the knowledge that I should be getting it right!

Just recently I have been asked to make up some of my crochet flowers for a couple of lovely ladies on Folksy.  First was an order for some of my larger crochet flowers as shown below.

And my second order was for some of my smaller crochet flowers (shown below) by POLKA - have a little look at her shop on Folksy, absolutely gorgeous shop!! well worth a gander!  

I hope they are very happy with their orders, and if you would like flowers to add to your what-evers... get in touch... you might just be helping me to un-block my colour block! ♥

Monday, 13 September 2010

A Cushion for a Friend!

A little while ago, a dear friend of mine excitedly told me that she was decorating her spare room. The colours she had chosen were Purple, Green, Brown and Grey! The colours are stunning together, but she was having trouble finding the right accessories to go her new lovely decorated room.

One key accessory my friend was looking for was a cushion cover with lots of texture to it but didn’t break the bank. Knowing that I liked to do a bit of hooking (!) in my spare *ahem* time she asked me if I could make her a cushion cover to go in her room.

I, who loves a project, jumped at the chance. I’d not made a cushion cover before, so I thought that this would be a great chance to ‘have a go’!

I purchased some reasonable priced brown suedette from the wonder eBay, and I got some wool in the colours as agreed by my friend, and she let me loose to do whatever I wanted, just with the spec of ‘flowers’.

Below are two photos showing what I came up with. The first photo is not a great close up, but the other photo shows it off rather nicely in its new home!

Sunday, 12 September 2010

A Labour of Love!

So every now and then, I get it into my mind to make something that I have always fancied!... So on my week off, I decided to have a go at making a crochet version of a traditional Christmas decoration Paper Chain! I've not seen any on Folksy or Etsy, doesn't mean that there isn't...

But after the third day of making the Crochet Paper Chain.... I can see why I haven't seen any!  For some reason it took ages to make... I keep telling myself that it's because I was making up as I went along...

Anyway, I've made it now, and I have to say I love it!!

Would love some feed back on the colours.... xx

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Project Runway... eat your heart out!

So being on the larger side of life, I was sick and tired of not being able to find the kind of clothes that I wanted to wear. 

My Mum has always owned a sewing machine and could always just 'run' up something at the drop of a hat!... curtains, quilt covers, tops, trousers, princess nighties for a little me who liked to run around fields when cammping with her grandparents pretending she was a princess in her special nighty.

Well I can't say I run around fields these days in my nighty, but I am sure my Husband can vouch for me 'acting' like a princess at times!

I ownded a sewing machine of my own, but where as I am sure some bargin sewing machines are great, this one seemed to hate me! Everytime I used it the darn thing it would snarl up, jump acrosss the table, and often snap the needles... so I didn't use it as much as I wanted to!

Last year, just after our first wedding anniversay, Martin and I found that we had some left over JL vouchers.  We decided that as it wasn't a huge amount, we would split it and purchase something that we each didn't really need but would really love to have.

Martin, went for a coffee machine, and I decided to put mine towards a new sewing machine.

I didn't want to spend loads, but I wanted one that if I needed to sew together anything thicker than a paper bag without making a literal song and dance about it.

After much research I went for Elna 2600.  Not because she (all my sewing machines have been girls) has pink and purple on her, but she was the best I could afford.  I have to say she has been my second best friend ever since I got her.  Apart from the usual mending bits and piceces here and there with her I've also made a few bags and tops!

So here are the photos of what Elna and I have made together.

These are just three of the summer tops I have made, I've also made a couple of smock tops, which are more winter tops and currently hiden away until it gets really cold!

I've loved making these tops, and have just made a fleece jumper for my Husband.  I am more proud of the top I made for my Husband.  It makes me happy to think that I have made something for him to keep him warm when I'm not with him to keep him warm! 

Friday, 3 September 2010

Designer Labels

I make a few items of clothing... from time to time... and I got to thinking that I should get some labels made to put on items that I make...

So I had some made.... what do you think?

I guess I wont be able to put them on earrings and the like... but if I made a bag or cushion, then I should be able to sew them in somewhere...

For clothes I had some made up just my name on it.. I have to say, having your own 'label' does make things fell rather 'finished' if you know what I mean?

I highly recommend getting some made up... I got these made from I got 144 (yes that was rather optimistic of me) for only £17.00 free p&p... that's around 12p each... not bad eh? (other label companies available, I just was swung by the free p&p)♥

Monday, 30 August 2010

A Difference a Bead Makes!

Making something different that will catch someones eye is not always easy to do. Especially with so many clever crafters out there.

At the end of the day there really is so many different ways of doing something, with crochet for example we all use the same stiches... but its the way we put them together.

Colours I think are so very important too, they must got together, its ok to jumble them up, but the right item made in the wrong colour can really put people off.

So having decided on a colour range, which as hard as we try is not doubt going to be used already by someone else.  What we need to do is to make it a little bit differenent.

I myself like to use beads... I think they can jazz up anything.  So I thougth I would show a before and after of a pendant I have made.  Before I added beads......

And after... with beads.....

I hope you agree it does make it look that little bit extra special.

This Pendant is now availiable to purchase along with my other items on

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Special Sundays...

I just love Sundays, but only when followed by a Bank Holiday Monday!

Have been extra pro-active today, embracing the extra time with the Husband... Slow cooker has been working over time this weekend, and has firmly secured a place in my heart!

Have let the dinner cook without any fuss while I crack on with new items for my Folksy shop, and lucky me I had an order come in this morning from an lovely Folksy buyer!!!

So hope all you lovely crafty peeps are having a lovely weekend... and good of the sun to show her face today!


Can't keep a good Girlybunches down!

So my last blog said.. "it's been a while" and now I'm gonna say "it's been too long"!

I've had a bit of year that required me to direct my attention else where, but now I'm back in the game!

I pursued the craft fairs until the weather got too bad last year, mainly the cold! And I decided not to carry on with them this year. I did struggle be inspired when sales were so few and far between!

But then I got to thinking that really everyone was having a bad year! And I had been making a few sales! So a few weeks ago I picked up my crochet hook
And decided that it was time to create again!

I had also had a think about my outlets. My Mum has done really well selling on Etsy, Sweethearts and Rosesbut I alas didn't do so well!

So I decided to branch out my ideas and think of some new items to make. I still had desires to sell on Etsy, but I decided to look closer to home and listed some items on Folksy!

I was so pleased to get a couple of sale within a few of weeks of listing my first item! And so here I am! Again! With more gusto this time.

I've discovered the joys of twitter and all of the amazing crafty folk out there who are so supportive! I really feel that the crafting community is so welcoming! So I'll quit whittering on now and head off to my slumber!

Where I can subconsciously plan my next project...... That's not sleigh bells I can hear in the distance is it? Is it????? Ek!