Monday, 13 September 2010

A Cushion for a Friend!

A little while ago, a dear friend of mine excitedly told me that she was decorating her spare room. The colours she had chosen were Purple, Green, Brown and Grey! The colours are stunning together, but she was having trouble finding the right accessories to go her new lovely decorated room.

One key accessory my friend was looking for was a cushion cover with lots of texture to it but didn’t break the bank. Knowing that I liked to do a bit of hooking (!) in my spare *ahem* time she asked me if I could make her a cushion cover to go in her room.

I, who loves a project, jumped at the chance. I’d not made a cushion cover before, so I thought that this would be a great chance to ‘have a go’!

I purchased some reasonable priced brown suedette from the wonder eBay, and I got some wool in the colours as agreed by my friend, and she let me loose to do whatever I wanted, just with the spec of ‘flowers’.

Below are two photos showing what I came up with. The first photo is not a great close up, but the other photo shows it off rather nicely in its new home!


  1. oooh, I love this - I love cushions!!!

    This is sooo gorgeous!!! I want one!! hehe :)

    Looks fab in it's new home. Perfect.

    You're soooo talented!!

    Love Laura xxx

  2. Thanks sweetie! I as rather pleased with it too.. and took less time than the Crochet Paper Chain! LOL xxxx