Friday, 3 September 2010

Designer Labels

I make a few items of clothing... from time to time... and I got to thinking that I should get some labels made to put on items that I make...

So I had some made.... what do you think?

I guess I wont be able to put them on earrings and the like... but if I made a bag or cushion, then I should be able to sew them in somewhere...

For clothes I had some made up just my name on it.. I have to say, having your own 'label' does make things fell rather 'finished' if you know what I mean?

I highly recommend getting some made up... I got these made from I got 144 (yes that was rather optimistic of me) for only £17.00 free p&p... that's around 12p each... not bad eh? (other label companies available, I just was swung by the free p&p)♥

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