Sunday, 19 September 2010

You like em... I make em!

Nothing pleases me more than to look at my basket of yarns! I can spend ages (and often do) just wondering what I can make next.  It's tricky sometimes as I know what I want to make, but I worry (yes I actually worry) about which colours to use next!

I have to make sure that I use wide range of colours as I want to make sure I can cover as many possible tastes.  I like to use colours that I don't naturally lean towards as usually find they are the items that get the most attention! Funny isn't.... just because I like it doesn't mean that anyone else is going to like it!

I often tell my Husband that I have colour block, which usually results in him patting me on the shoulder and says oh dear, would you like a cup of tea?  Which is always a nice response, but no matter how much I love a cup of tea it doesn't help me un-block my colour block....

So.... when I get lovely lovely emails from people asking me to make flowers in colour combinations that they need I am deeply happy, as 1) it instantly means my mind is un-blocked and can think of every colour combination I would like to make and 2) means I can then crochet safe in the knowledge that I should be getting it right!

Just recently I have been asked to make up some of my crochet flowers for a couple of lovely ladies on Folksy.  First was an order for some of my larger crochet flowers as shown below.

And my second order was for some of my smaller crochet flowers (shown below) by POLKA - have a little look at her shop on Folksy, absolutely gorgeous shop!! well worth a gander!  

I hope they are very happy with their orders, and if you would like flowers to add to your what-evers... get in touch... you might just be helping me to un-block my colour block! ♥

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