Saturday, 25 September 2010

Meadows-Evans Photography

I haven't had a chance to take photographs for too long now and starting to really miss it... I need to pull my finger out and make time!! I had wanted to get clicking away when I was on holiday but the holiday didn't work out too well, and we ended up going for a relaxing week away with family. is a great website for artists and photographers who want to sell there work.  They basically print and despatch your art work, and you get to decide upon the mark up that you want to take on their prices.  Very clever stuff, I've tried selling my photography myself, but I just couldn't make it cost affective for the amout I could sell.  So this is the perfect way for me to try and sell my photography work.

If you fancy having a look at some of my work for sale click here...  and below are some examples of my work.


  1. Absolutely beautiful images!

    PS I did Film at Westminster Uni - graduated 2002 though ;)

  2. Really!! Wow!! I did Photograhy at Uni of Westminster Harrow Campus... I graduated 2000... se we would have been there at the same time!!!Small world! eh!

  3. wow your photography is truly amazing, I am complete amateur comparing to you, but I am learning as this gives me great pleasure... hope you get a lot of interest on redbubble as you are really good... I will try it as well, but don't think anyone would be interested in such work :)

  4. Thank you honey... well we all have to start somewhere and if you can capture moments like that Storm you over half way there... why not look into putting your photos on Red Bubble... I think it's a wonderful site! xx