Monday, 30 August 2010

A Difference a Bead Makes!

Making something different that will catch someones eye is not always easy to do. Especially with so many clever crafters out there.

At the end of the day there really is so many different ways of doing something, with crochet for example we all use the same stiches... but its the way we put them together.

Colours I think are so very important too, they must got together, its ok to jumble them up, but the right item made in the wrong colour can really put people off.

So having decided on a colour range, which as hard as we try is not doubt going to be used already by someone else.  What we need to do is to make it a little bit differenent.

I myself like to use beads... I think they can jazz up anything.  So I thougth I would show a before and after of a pendant I have made.  Before I added beads......

And after... with beads.....

I hope you agree it does make it look that little bit extra special.

This Pendant is now availiable to purchase along with my other items on

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Special Sundays...

I just love Sundays, but only when followed by a Bank Holiday Monday!

Have been extra pro-active today, embracing the extra time with the Husband... Slow cooker has been working over time this weekend, and has firmly secured a place in my heart!

Have let the dinner cook without any fuss while I crack on with new items for my Folksy shop, and lucky me I had an order come in this morning from an lovely Folksy buyer!!!

So hope all you lovely crafty peeps are having a lovely weekend... and good of the sun to show her face today!


Can't keep a good Girlybunches down!

So my last blog said.. "it's been a while" and now I'm gonna say "it's been too long"!

I've had a bit of year that required me to direct my attention else where, but now I'm back in the game!

I pursued the craft fairs until the weather got too bad last year, mainly the cold! And I decided not to carry on with them this year. I did struggle be inspired when sales were so few and far between!

But then I got to thinking that really everyone was having a bad year! And I had been making a few sales! So a few weeks ago I picked up my crochet hook
And decided that it was time to create again!

I had also had a think about my outlets. My Mum has done really well selling on Etsy, Sweethearts and Rosesbut I alas didn't do so well!

So I decided to branch out my ideas and think of some new items to make. I still had desires to sell on Etsy, but I decided to look closer to home and listed some items on Folksy!

I was so pleased to get a couple of sale within a few of weeks of listing my first item! And so here I am! Again! With more gusto this time.

I've discovered the joys of twitter and all of the amazing crafty folk out there who are so supportive! I really feel that the crafting community is so welcoming! So I'll quit whittering on now and head off to my slumber!

Where I can subconsciously plan my next project...... That's not sleigh bells I can hear in the distance is it? Is it????? Ek!