Sunday, 29 August 2010

Can't keep a good Girlybunches down!

So my last blog said.. "it's been a while" and now I'm gonna say "it's been too long"!

I've had a bit of year that required me to direct my attention else where, but now I'm back in the game!

I pursued the craft fairs until the weather got too bad last year, mainly the cold! And I decided not to carry on with them this year. I did struggle be inspired when sales were so few and far between!

But then I got to thinking that really everyone was having a bad year! And I had been making a few sales! So a few weeks ago I picked up my crochet hook
And decided that it was time to create again!

I had also had a think about my outlets. My Mum has done really well selling on Etsy, Sweethearts and Rosesbut I alas didn't do so well!

So I decided to branch out my ideas and think of some new items to make. I still had desires to sell on Etsy, but I decided to look closer to home and listed some items on Folksy!

I was so pleased to get a couple of sale within a few of weeks of listing my first item! And so here I am! Again! With more gusto this time.

I've discovered the joys of twitter and all of the amazing crafty folk out there who are so supportive! I really feel that the crafting community is so welcoming! So I'll quit whittering on now and head off to my slumber!

Where I can subconsciously plan my next project...... That's not sleigh bells I can hear in the distance is it? Is it????? Ek!

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