Thursday, 20 September 2012

Simply Crochet Magazine - Winter Edition!

Wellllllll..... I can barely describe how painful it has been to contain my excitement.... but Girlybunches has only gone and been featured in Simply Crochet magazine again!!!
I was so lucky earlier this year (June) to be in their Summer Edition when they featured my Granny Lampshade....
But I don't mind admitting to you guys that I was every so slightly overwhelmed when I was contacted a few weeks ago to say that I they would be interested in featuring my crochet tree pattern but then they have gone and not only featured my tree pattern, but also my finished jewellery items!! *faints*!
And then to top it off they wrote a really really lovely review of my website!!
I truly am speechless (yippeee my Husband shouts!)... but I truly am a very lucky lucky Girlybunches to be in that magazine with so many other wonderful crocheters who I admire and inspire me also.
sooo... go go go.. grab yourself a copy... and check out all of the crochet goodness in the Winter edition of Simply Crochet magazine.
Here are a few snap shots of my bits and bobs in there....

Right... before I get a really bad case of head swell... I just would like to thank Simply Crochet Magazine for including my little crochet bits and bobs, and to all you lovely peeps out there for your support and kind words that keep me going.  You're all very kind :)

Have a super day! 


Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Trying out a new blog app...

To see if I can be more pro-active in my blogging...

And to prove I'm not at home... :)