Sunday, 5 September 2010

Project Runway... eat your heart out!

So being on the larger side of life, I was sick and tired of not being able to find the kind of clothes that I wanted to wear. 

My Mum has always owned a sewing machine and could always just 'run' up something at the drop of a hat!... curtains, quilt covers, tops, trousers, princess nighties for a little me who liked to run around fields when cammping with her grandparents pretending she was a princess in her special nighty.

Well I can't say I run around fields these days in my nighty, but I am sure my Husband can vouch for me 'acting' like a princess at times!

I ownded a sewing machine of my own, but where as I am sure some bargin sewing machines are great, this one seemed to hate me! Everytime I used it the darn thing it would snarl up, jump acrosss the table, and often snap the needles... so I didn't use it as much as I wanted to!

Last year, just after our first wedding anniversay, Martin and I found that we had some left over JL vouchers.  We decided that as it wasn't a huge amount, we would split it and purchase something that we each didn't really need but would really love to have.

Martin, went for a coffee machine, and I decided to put mine towards a new sewing machine.

I didn't want to spend loads, but I wanted one that if I needed to sew together anything thicker than a paper bag without making a literal song and dance about it.

After much research I went for Elna 2600.  Not because she (all my sewing machines have been girls) has pink and purple on her, but she was the best I could afford.  I have to say she has been my second best friend ever since I got her.  Apart from the usual mending bits and piceces here and there with her I've also made a few bags and tops!

So here are the photos of what Elna and I have made together.

These are just three of the summer tops I have made, I've also made a couple of smock tops, which are more winter tops and currently hiden away until it gets really cold!

I've loved making these tops, and have just made a fleece jumper for my Husband.  I am more proud of the top I made for my Husband.  It makes me happy to think that I have made something for him to keep him warm when I'm not with him to keep him warm! 

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