Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Every Good Deed….

Just a quick blog about some rather useful little bead boxes I have just purchased!

My Mum has had the same boxes for some time now, but seeing as I didn’t use beads that often I hadn't taken the plunge. However, as of recently I have been using beads more often and I truly had not realised how unruly a bead could be!

At any opportunity they like to make a bid for freedom, and it's amazing how far one bead can get on its own, with no help from me they launch themselves across the living room!

Not ideal when one is trying to sew them onto something one has just created!

So I decided to scan EBay and see if I could find the same natty boxes that my Mum uses.

I had to sift through a great deal, but seek and ye shall find, and I found em! (click here to see them on ebay)

I ordered a couple of boxes and sadly the naughty postie lost them!! HOW DARE THEY! However I contacted the seller and they, without quibble, question or delay resent me another set, and they arrived the very next day! A rare seller worth their weight!

So if you want some I highly recommend JEWELLERYTOOLS on ebay!

And for my beads…? Well they are safely tucked up in their new little home! So pleasing….ahhh.


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