Thursday, 9 December 2010

Folksy Friday - Pink & Orange

Having spent the last few weeks under the dark cloud of Winter in Autumn, yes we are still officially in Autumn! It has been rather nice these past couple of days to enjoy seeing that big shiny, yellow, ball of fire in the sky!

The day job office (yawn) has one redeeming feature as it offers several large windows installed purely for my distraction I am sure... which allow me to steal a few moments of the outside world and let my mind wonder... and it doesn't take much to distract me that is a sure bet!

So, back to my train of original thought I wanted to do a Folksy Friday based on two colours that on their own don't hold much power over me, but when put together I adore them! PINK & ORANGE! Anyone familiar with the content of my Folksy Shop ~ Girlybunches (yes shameless link) then you would know that this colour combo is featured more often then I thought!.... The sun that is so wonderfully low this time of year, has been casting the most stunning sunsets as of late and the past two evenings I have viewed beautiful blends of pink and orange.

So onto the good stuff, below is a selection of beautiful pink and orange items that have as ever been beautifully crafted by the good people of Folksy. As always I hope you like them and take time to check out these sellers shops!!

Pink and Orange

Brooch Decorated With Bright Felt and Beaded Flowers - Sweethearts and Roses

Hand-knitted Shabby Chic Cupcake - Cupcakejojo Designs

Handmade Make-Up Bag - Large - PUKKA PINNIES by Foxy-S Designs

Heart Keepsakes - Rachael Taylor Designs

Japanese Cushion Cover - Loved by You


Sunrise Felted Bracelet - Fyber Knitics

Two-tone pink and orange leather iPod cover - cosy

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  1. Lovely items, especially the fruit salad on the cup cake. Thanks for including my brooch.