Friday, 11 March 2011

Knot what you think!


What a week!! Glad it's the weekend tomorrow!

Loving the lighter early mornings and evenings so nice not to go to work in the pitch black!

Now that my eyes are adjusting to the light, I am starting to see the wood for the trees!! (groan).... yes.... these are the jokes folks!!!

Ok, so terrible puns over... and onto the good stuff.  Anyone following my facebook page Girlybunches
 will know that Mummy Girlybunches & Girlybunches have FINALLY managed to get Daddy Girlybunches AKA The Meadow Craft Workshop to list some of his handy work on my friend Folksy.  So in light of this.... I have selected some items crafted in Wood as my theme for this Folksy Friday Blog.

So here is my selection of items from folks on Folksy who have a natural talent for making beautiful items from the oldest fuel man has...wood.



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