Friday, 22 June 2012

How long should ones knickers be?

Been a funny week.... as Arkwright liked to say.. or did he say 'It's been a funny day?' either way it has been a funny week. Had a lovely weekend with my Folks last weekend as the ol'man was working.  And amongst other things I crocheted and made chutney with Mummy Girlybunches.   More on that in my next blog.. but just had to share this lovely book that Mum found for me... she purchased it from the lovely Yvonne from her Etsy store My Haunted Attic

This book is stupendous!.. Crammed with sage advice and according to Mummy Girlybunches was the book or a book almost identical that Mum used to help her with her school studies!

I adore there useful advice offered when one is measuring for ones knicker length!  (note how adorably long ones knicker length should be!)

I just love this book.. ♥

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  1. This book is fabulous!
    Ones knickers should always be knee length!