Saturday, 29 December 2012

December ... Christmas of course!

So as you can see.. I am a little bit, in fact down right awful at keeping up to date with blogging!

So I thought I would try a new line of attack.. A monthly update??

So here is Decembers offerings..

I love December, not just because of Christmas, I just love the festive seasonal spirit it gets everyone in... yes.. going around the supermarkets it's not too easy to find the festive spirit, but I know it's there and it certainly makes a dark and dank month seem to go much quicker!

I didn't really get very creative for Christmas in the crochet department, but I did do a little fun video on making my Christmas Tree (pattern can be found in my Etsy shop)

Hope you like it.
I do need to make more videos, any requests??

Another exciting bit of news, the lovely people at Simply Knitting Magazine who made a few special editions of Simply Crochet Magazine earlier this year that they kindly featured me in has gone global and MONTHLY! YES!!!! 

This is going to be the first edition, and from what I've already seen of their publications last year this periodical is going to be jam packed with beautiful crochet goodness.. but then is made by the makers of the adorble Mollie Makes!... and HERE is a link to their subscriptions page! First edition is out on 6th January 2013.

The darling Mr. Girlybunches was kind enough to point out to me that I had rather a lot of 'left over yarn'... which I am sure you will all agree would be a MORTAL sin to dispose I decided to try and use it up in an inventive way!.. Several cups of tea later I decided that I would make pot scrubs out of it. The yarn in question is an acrylic yarn, and so impervious to bleach, tough as nails, and wash up a right treat... so... this is what I came up with...


Mr. Girlybunches thinks I have lost it.. but had to admit they work rather well!... 

What else have I been getting up to.... oh yes!... I remember.

Mummy Girlybunches AKA Sweethearts and Roses has been making for a long time embroidered cottages... and some of my lovely Instagram ladies have been as of late showing their adorable little fabric houses.. I thank all of the above for the idea to make my own!... over the Christmas holidays while at the ranch, I made two.  Admittedly I've never done embroidery, but Mummy Girlybunches was all to happy to show me the ropes, as she did with knitting and crochet! 

I think I will work on another cottage using elements of the first two. 
The second one is now in my Etsy shop.

I hope Father Christmas was a good to you all as he was to me.. I got some amazing goodies...and here are a couple of the crafty highlights...

I love books.. and crochet books are always a winner with me.. and Yoga for your Brain looks stunning!

HOW adorable are these vintage Yarn Holders!!! swoon! I love them.. and are going to be so handy!

Well lovelies.. this is the end of my December round up.  Only a couple of days left of the year, and I am glad that the world didn't come to an end, how boring would that have been...!

Till the end of Jan, where I will be another YEAR older (sigh),.. I wish you all a very Happy New Year!... Happy Hooking! xxx


  1. I missed the second's gorgeous!!!

    Cute scrubbies too! Xxx

  2. Hi.
    I have found your blog via Pinterest. I wonder if I could buy the pattern for the green and pink doily that's in your blog header photo? I have tried to buy it over in craft juice but the link doesn't work. Many thanks for your help....the doily is gorgeous!
    My email address should be somewhere with this comment